of the Sovereign People of Eire,

otherwise referred to as Ireland in the English language

Whereas pursuant to BUNREACHT NA hÉIREANN, the Articles of our Constitution of Ireland 1937, and in recognition of our Peoples inherent inalienable rights as enumerated within those Constitutions, which are derived and bestowed on all citizens of the Nation, that guarantee protection and vindication through Separation of Powers between the legislative (Oireachtas), executive (Ministers & Departments), and judicial (Courts) branches of government, with the People having the Final Say in exercising the protection of our Sovereignty, and fundamental rights to freedom, justice, peace, law and order for the family, and the common good without interference from Crown enabled legislation, Royal Prerogatives, or Royal Decree from the Monarchy of the United Kingdom,


Whereas it is apparent and evident that the leaders of the three Government branches are neglecting their Oaths of Office to defend and protect our Constitution, with the result that our fundamental rights and Sovereignty is breached and under threat by willful design of those in power to ignore the fact that the Attorney General on 20th December 2019 has failed to produce pursuant to Sections 4,5,6 of the Documentary Evidence Act 1925, the original of Commencement Order no. 1 dated 4th June 1924, of the Courts of Justice Act 1924, that being the necessary legal Statutory instrument to enable the Courts of Justice Act 1924 to take effect and become the lawful foundation of our Courts of Justice system,


Whereas section 19 of the Courts of Justice Act 1924 was alleged to empower the Successor to the Lord Chancellor of Ireland ( presently Justice Peter Kelly) through the Crown enabled Lunacy Regulation (Ireland ) Act 1871 to deal with matters of Lunacy (unsoundness of mind) pursuant to its provisions, but never lawfully achieved that purpose at that time, and has not lawfully achieved that purpose since creation of Section 9 of the Courts of Justice Act 1936 purportedly transferring power, nor achieved that purpose by subsequent legislation purportedly vesting power through section 9 of the Courts Supplemental Provisions Act 1961, because of the fact that tri-partite legislative, executive, judicial powers by Royal Prerogative from the United Kingdom ceased and desisted with the last Lord Chancellor John Ross circa 1919-1920,


Whereas it is a fact the present self proclaimed Successor to the Lord Chancellor (Justice Peter Kelly) has refused to RENOUNCE his self proclaimed Title of Nobility on the 20th November 2019 in Court 4 at the Four Courts, Dublin 7, despite the fact of no proof existing that the Royal Prerogative from the British Crown passed from the United Kingdom, resulting in fraudulent acceptance of Title of Nobility, a clear breach of his oath of office to uphold the Constitution contrary to Article 34 section 6 1°, Article 40 as follows at sections;

2 1° Titles of nobility shall not be conferred by the State.

2 2° No title of nobility or of honour may be accepted by any citizen except with the prior approval of the Government.


Whereas because the Successor to the Lord Chancellor (Justice Peter Kelly) when asserting and exercising power pursuant to the Lunacy Regulation (Ireland) Act 1871 is possessed of tri-partite legislative , executive, and judicial powers he is in strict conflict with our plebiscite separation of powers Constitution, with the affect that the Successor to the Lord Chancellor is in fact a Monarchial government acting in tandem with, in conflict against, and contrary to our BUNREACHT NA hÉIREANN , Constitution of Ireland, with the result that a Constitutional Crisis has ensued at the hands of agents of the State whose actions threaten our Sovereignty and Nationhood by acting contrary to the will of the people, who have reserved unto them in the Constitution the right of choice by Referendum to have the Final Say in relation to the purported representative of the Monarchy being allowed to operate as a government alongside our own Government which demands strict separation of powers under our Constitution.


Whereas the Oireachtas with Dail Eireann headed by Leo Varadkar derived from a coalition of Fine Gael/ Fianna Fail/ Independent TDs and Seanad Eireann headed by Gerry Buttimer, both Houses having a duty to immediately resolve this Constitutional Crisis, the People herein undersigned by handwriting on this Declaration document, and by signification of the Declaration online, now herein deliver to, and seal with ordinary stamp, this Declaration as a Petition directed to the President of Ireland, Michael D. Higgins to exercise his powers pursuant to the provisions of Article 13 of the Constitution, to reconvene the recently dissolved Dail Eireann and Seanad Eireann to sort out the aforementioned Constitutional Crisis without delay, on or before Friday the 24th January 2020

Signed sealed and delivered by the undersigned People in our own handwriting on this day of 2020, and subsequently opened online for electronic signification to the public, with duly effected service by personal service, and/or postal service, and /or email service to the following Constitutionally elected representatives of the present government, and the President .

President Michael D. Higgins at Aras an hUachtaran

Leo Varadkar at Dail Eireann, Leinster House. / Office of the Taioseach

Jerry Buttimer at Seanad Eireann, Leinster House