Mandatory Face Masks – You Have Rights of Objection under Law


The purpose of this module is to explain and reference your rights of objection under law (national, international), and medical ethics, when it comes to the issue of mandatory face coverings.

This module contains 6 videos

  • Mandatory Face Masks an Overview
  • Mandatory Face Masks Ireland
  • Mandatory Face Masks UK
  • Mandatory Face Masks Canada
  • Mandatory Face Masks USA
  • Mandatory Face Masks Australia


IMPORTANT INFORMATIONAL AND LEGAL RIGHTS NOTICE TO MEMBERS OF THE PUBLIC who are adversely affected in personal and/or familial capacity in public settings by the mandatory laws which force you to wear a face covering.

Please be informed that you have fundamental human rights, legal rights, and medical ethics rights, which you can use to assert your rights of objection to being forced to wear a face covering against your free will.

By signing up to this module you will gain access to valuable information in video form along with supporting documentation, legislation and template letters of objection to your Health Minister, Health Secretary, Governor, Premier, City Mayor and or City Council to register your complaint affirming your fundamental objection to being forced to wear a face covering.