Pat’s Bio

I was Born in 1952 in Hartford, Connecticut, in the ghetto, of Irish parentage.

My father was an emigrant to USA after the end of World War II in 1945 having been working in England during the War. He was a West Clare man, one of a family of 11 children born on the shores of the River Shannon My mother was one of the first to emigrate to USA in 1945, when Immigration opened after the end of World War II. My mother who is 97 years of age, is one of a family of 6 children born in the parish of Lisgoold, in East Cork.

I was brought to Ireland at the age of 2 years to my Irish roots. My parents returned again to USA because of no work in Ireland. When I was 8 years of age they again returned to Ireland, but returned to USA again for work reasons. My earliest memories were of the great camaraderie of the Irish immigrant community, with hurling, football, traditional music and dance. My family were not much interested in drinking Alcohol.

In 1963 we moved to Ireland again where I attended the Christian Brothers Secondary School, and then returned in 1965 to USA where I attended the Hoy Cross Brothers High School for 2 years, returning to Ireland again in 1967 where I attended the Presentation Brothers Secondary School. In 1969 I finished my final year of High School again at the Holy Cross Brothers in USA, returning to Ireland in 1970, where I lived full time and went on to learn Woodworking and work in Construction.

My first twin children, a son and daughter were born in Cork 1976, but sadly did not survive. In 1979 my wife and I moved to USA for work reasons. Two of my sons were born in USA. My eldest son Brendan was a champion step dance and played the spoons. Tragically he was killed in 1993 at the age of 7 years by a reckless driver, and we brought him back to East Cork to be buried with his brother and sister. My wife and I became estranged as a result of the death.

Pat at work in his ladder factory Brendan Industries

I established in 1994 a small wooden ladder manufacturing business named Brendan Industries in East Cork employing local people. My only surviving son lives in the Midlands, and works in Education. He assists teachers Nationwide to organize physical fitness programs for students. I am the proud grandfather of a new grandson born in Dublin in December 2019.

In 2006, as a result of being wrongfully and maliciously sued by a State body who attempted to evict me from my home, I was fortunately put in contact with a former Judge and Senior Counsel who taught and mentored me in the law, on the proper way to defend myself and fight a Case in Court. Since that time, I have further educated myself to use that skill to help others in the Court who cannot afford solicitors. I have been active at all levels of Court jurisdiction country wide, from the District Court to the Supreme Court in helping people with family law, civil, and criminal matters, therefore I have spent more than half my advocacy life in Dublin Central at the Four Courts.

Pat at his advocacy work

I never thought for one moment that my advocacy skills would be called upon in the High Court, Court of Appeal, and Supreme Court to defend my 93 year old mother Ann Clohessy when she was prevented from leaving Cork University Hospital on 23rd June 2016 to return home with me after hip repair. Little did I realize that my mother was to become a Political Prisoner for the next 42 months to cover-up her being used for secret drug trails with fatal drugs.

I am continuing to battle for her release since having a partial win in the Landmark Decision delivered by the Supreme Court on 17th October 2019. The Supreme Court confirmed my mother was of sound mind, the Wardship process was flawed, the hearing was unfair, and she was denied due process of law. The dangerous consequence of this judgment is, the Supreme Court has over-stepped its powers by trying to make up its own laws for the benefit of helping the HSE cover up its mistakes by detaining patients, and isolating their families from having a say in their treatment.


I have discovered that our Courts of Justice Act 1924 was never commenced, and our Sovereignty is threatened by a Crown Act (Lunacy Regulation Ireland Act 1871) falsely empowering the Successor to the Lord Chancellor of Ireland (Peter Kelly, President of the High Court).