Banking Fraud during the Celtic Tiger leading to Financial collapse in 2007-2009:

Initiate a complaint and investigation against those public officials responsible, and file at the EU fraud office, for misappropriation of EU funds borrowed under false pretences to create a Ponzi scheme Building boom.

Living In A Lawless Land

Living In A Lawless Land.#PatClohessy explains that #BenGilroy is correct, that those who are #Evicted are in fact #Victims of the #Government, who knew at all times between 2000 – 2008 that the Building Boom was, in fact, a Pyramid Ponzi Scheme.We are also Living In A #LawlessLand says Pat, as the #MotherDocument (Courts Of Justice Act 1924) which most of our Laws derive from, was #NeverCommenced by No. 1 official original statutory instrument.

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