Eliminate the HSE and its towers of Power in Dublin, that created 852,000 patients on waiting lists, by re-empowering local community, private, and public Hospitals with Managers having a Masters Degree in hospital Administration.

  1. All persons will have dedicated Health Insurance Account, that will be funded by a €40 per week contribution taken from general tax Revenue, and paid into a General Health Insurance fund. This will allow immediate access to emergency and surgical treatment within 3 days, that will be paid from the fund to the Hospital. Routine GP visits and treatment can also be paid from the fund. Patient right to choose Doctor and/or Surgeon , and form of treatment respected.
  2. Dept. of Health inspectors to have oversight on Hospitals to ensure meeting of standards.
  3. All doctors, consultants, to provide their own mal practice insurance.
  4. Incentive given for Irish Nurses and doctors to return home
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