Covid Class Action Lawsuits

I want to thank Joe O ‘ Toole from Shannon who posted the below video on my page. I will add some clarity to the legal situation in Ireland as follows; Class action lawsuits as an established USA system for trial of perpetrators both in the capacity of individuals personally and/or corporate entities engaged in Civil wrongs, which in many cases amount to criminal conduct, is not basically allowed in that format in an Irish Court system forum. However there is a way to accomplish the end goal of prosecuting the Irish perpetrators within Ireland, and also outside of Ireland. For persons having been affected by what amount to Torture, there is a particular statute, not known or popularly cited within USA federal law, that may in fact become after my disclosure herein, a tool to be employed to bring an action. It is known as the TVPA, and I spoke with Federal Prosecutors in New York in 2019 about using it against certain Irish government officials.