A NEW INITIATIVE TO IMPLEMENT the 4th Branch of Government known as the VERICATIVE, the Peoples Council

The initiative to implement change in the norms inherent in Democratic governments worldwide which usually have 3 branches comprising of Legislative, Executive, and Judicial branches, comes about as a result of the abuse of powers by government in regards to;

1. the vindication of citizen peoples’ universal fundamental human rights,

2. under-performance of delivery of services,

3. corruption and collusion to delay and deny rightful entitlement to deny access to services for basic needs, by means of forming mutually exclusive government self-interest tribes, that undermine Family and Moral boundaries.

4. Pre-Fascism era trial runs of getting the Citizen Peoples used to being deprived of Services, which they are legally entitled to without lawful Excuse.

5. Undermining Freedom of Democratic right of expression to voice ones opinion, by use of the Judiciary, to gag and silence those who speak out publicly about injustice and unfairness meeted out to those affected

The 4th Branch of Government known as the VERICATIVE BRANCH would be comprised of elected members of citizen peoples forming a Council to oversee the abuses, under-performance, and or denial of fundamental and legal rights by the other 3 branches of government.

Its mandate would come from the Citizen People by way of Referendum. It would have Constitutional footing to derive its powers, and check excesses or under-performance of the other branches.

Details and input welcomed from all.

Contact email; patadvocatecork@gmail.com