I have for the past 42 months fought a continuous battle to free my 97 year old mother Ann Clohessy who is held as a political prisoner in Cork University Hospital and St. Finbarrs Nursing Home by the instruction of Simon Harris & HSE, who are in league with the Wards of Court and Solicitors.

My mother is of sound mind, but held by order of the Court, to cover-up mal treatment by HSE with dangerous drugs.

#PatrickClohessy protesting outside Leinster House to raise awareness about elderly people being made wards of court without representation and being administered drugs fatal to the elderly as chemical restraints.Tuesday 3rd July '18Word Press

Posted by Corruption Awareness Ireland on Tuesday, 3 July 2018

My mother and several thousand other elderly persons are divested of legal rights by the self proclaimed Successor to the Lord Chancellor of Ireland, judge peter kelly of dublin 4.

He holds these elderly people illegaly, under supposed powers he received from the Crown of Great Britain. However i discovered after writing to Queen Elizabeth that he is a fake.

The Queen wrote back to me on 2nd August 2019 confirming that she would not interfere with the Sovereignty of the Irish People.

Queen's Letter Confirms Irish Sovereignty.#Letter from the #QUEEN confirms #SOVEREIGNTY OF THE CROWN does #NOT Extend to #IRELAND, and THE LUNACY REGULATION IRELAND ACT 1871.Also, PROOF that THE COURT OF JUSTICE ACT 1924 was #NeverCommenced, therefore the Present Irish Justice System is Unlawful.Supreme Court Judgement on the above matters will be sitting this Thursday the 17th October at 10a.m.TIME CHANGE on 17thFROM 10 AM TO 1 PMSupport would be appreciated.Ref. Charlie Flanagan TD @CharlieFlanagan #CharlieFlanagan Please #Subscribe toCorruption Awareness Ireland on YouTube or #Like and #Follow Us around on Facebook.

Posted by Corruption Awareness Ireland on Wednesday, 16 October 2019