Banking Fraud during the Celtic Tiger leading to Financial collapse in 2007-2009:

Initiate a complaint and investigation against those public officials responsible, and file at the EU fraud office, for misappropriation of EU funds borrowed under false pretences to create a Ponzi scheme Building boom.

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Street Sleeping:

Emergency low cost cabins provided in parks to prevent deaths from pneumonia and hypothermia.


Social homeownership; through local public authority rent to own, community based, built, from local labour thereby reducing unemployment, creating life skills that promote dignity, pride, and maintenance. Funding through local credit unions and sale of Municipal interest bearing bonds.


  1. Create no fault insured mortgages that protect families from Eviction in the event of a default on payment due to circumstances beyond their control. Family stays in the home, paying affordable rent until things stabilise. Part of rent applied to principal and part to interest. with mortgage term extended.
  2. Ease planning laws and overly difficult, expensive, unpractical restrictions.
  3. All mortgage and Interest to be tax deductible on a sliding scale.


Rent control: eliminate 20% tax and other levies on Landlords by joint contract with authorities. In return savings passed onto Tenant thereby reducing rent to be fixed for 5 years on a controlled basis.