Petition for a Public Enquiry into Unlawful Dáil Procedure Regarding Covid 19 Legislation

Please sign petition calling for a public enquiry into unlawful Dáil procedure regarding covid 19 legislation.

Boosting the Immune System of the Whole Nation

Why in the name of the Almighty God who is a part and parcel of our Constitution in the Preamble, should We, the People of Eire not make our own policies. I propose a policy of “BOOSTING THE IMMUNE SYSTEM OF THE WHOLE NATION”. This can be done via simple means of supplying everyone with the following natural supplements & whatever else is recommended in terms of dietary needs by such eminent people as Professor Dolores Cahill, eg; Zinc, vitamins c & d, quinine boost, etc. etc.Obviously it would be more beneficial in the short term, and save money on doctor visits, pharmaceutical drugs etc.

Blinded Politicos Leading the Blinded Ministries

The reason results and solutions never materialise in the Executive branch of IRISH GOVERNMENT is very simple.Qualified professional managers for every discipline needed to operate effectively and efficently are ruled out, by politicians who appoint no – experience political cronies. Its a case of the blinded politicos leading the blinded ministries, and for We, the People , we can see the evidence staring us in the face, by way of the incompetent HSE waiting lists of nearly 900, 000 persons for medical treatment dating back nearly 3 years.

Covid Class Action Lawsuits

I want to thank Joe O ‘ Toole from Shannon who posted the below video on my page. I will add some clarity to the legal situation in Ireland as follows; Class action lawsuits as an established USA system for trial of perpetrators both in the capacity of individuals personally and/or corporate entities engaged in Civil wrongs, which in many cases amount to criminal conduct, is not basically allowed in that format in an Irish Court system forum. However there is a way to accomplish the end goal of prosecuting the Irish perpetrators within Ireland, and also outside of Ireland. For persons having been affected by what amount to Torture, there is a particular statute, not known or popularly cited within USA federal law, that may in fact become after my disclosure herein, a tool to be employed to bring an action. It is known as the TVPA, and I spoke with Federal Prosecutors in New York in 2019 about using it against certain Irish government officials.

Abuse of Rights Doctrine & The Vericative

All friends must join together to oust these corrupted covid 19 laws introduced by using the ABUSE OF RIGHTS DOCTRINE in Parliaments throughout the world, without input from working Peoples, allowing them to have their SAY in regard to policies that affect all aspects of their fundamental freedoms, and right to have a life. Support the global initiative for a Peoples Watchdog over governments, known as the ” VERICATIVE”

Affirmation of Illegimate Process in the Passing of the Covid 19 Bill

This article from the Guardian newspaper affirms my contentions by my postings going back to middle of March 2020 that the Procedure and Process of the Oireachtas in initiating and passing the Covid 19 Bill on 20 March 2020 without SCRUTINY was an illegimate process. I cite this by analogy from commentary of the former UK Supreme Court president . I ASK People to sign my Petition for a public Inquiry which is here.

Unjust Covid 19 Laws – Illegal Orders

This video tells the story of the underhanded way lawmaker employ the ABUSE OF RIGHTS doctrine to pass Covid 19 primary laws without scrutiny for Constitutionality and respect for the Fundamental rights and freedoms of We, the People. Secondary laws in the form of regulations drawn up by Ministers have resulted in the Executive knife of strong armed officials cutting the Family unit into shreds of divisiveness and cutting out small business and self employed from their rights to earn a living.

Irish Concentration Camps Established through Covid 19 Legislation

IRISH CONCENTRATION CAMPS ESTABLISHED in Irish Fashionalble Ltest Style by the Irish Parliament through Covid 19 legislation passed on the 20th March 2020.

Statuary Instrument no. 326 of 2020. Health Act 1947 (section 31A – Temporary Restrctions) (Covid 19) (No.4) regulations 2020.

What does it mean? Is it lawfully in force?

What must be done according to section 5 of the Health Act 1947, and what is not being done?

The TD’s are neglecting their duties to their constituents in regard to allowing no Parliamentary scrutiny of Bills and further neglect that resolutions annuling regulations are not being put forward by motion in regard to documents laid.

Regulation 326 is another form of lockdown in disguise.

Unless the Covid 19 Bill is repealed, new regulations can be drawn up at the whim of the Government. Protest plus direct action in terms of constant and continuos lobbying pressure against TD’s, with a general strike will work to repeal the Covid 19 laws.

Work through solidarity in regards to rights of conscientious and civil dissobedience to not obey what ammount to illegal orders.

No scrutiny for this forthcoming Criminal Justice (Enforcement Powers) (Covid 19) Bill 2020, that will allow forced entry of your home by relevant persons eg; Plainclothes Gardaí, imposter or Gardaí.

Wake up stupid people and assert your rights of civil disobedience, picket TD’s morning, noon and night.


Hi Guys,

This is an example of, and proof of the fact that, I have previously brought to everyones’ attention that under Rule 101 of the Courts of Justice Act 1924, any Court Rules made or changes (amendment) must be put before both Houses of the Oireachtas.

It was being done in the early days, but it appears, the Shower of Bastards in the Dail have not been doing the procedure for quite sometime.

I am digging, and I can confirm it is not being done lately (possibly 10 or more years). 

Of Course, from the Dail Debates, it appears evident that Commencement order no. 1 for the Courts of Justice Act 1924 was never debated. This is strike no. 2 against the enforcement of the Act. We really need to mount a protest and civil unrest campaign over this Deception, and bring the whole system down.

I am preparing to raise all this in court or before Court on the 26th august 2020 in Court 4 at the Four Courts, in my mothers case.


Pat c


Hi Guys,

In the Dail debate on 3rd June 1924, during question time , it is evident that President Cosgrave was evasive as to when the Courts of Justice Act 1924 would be brought into operation.   ????????????

Click on the link.

I have also garnered proof that the commencement orders for Statutory Instruments ( relating to rules of Court), which are supposed to be laid before both Houses of the Oireachtas by Motion for Debate, are not being debated and approved. Sneaky bastards have been fucking the People for years.

The Minister for justice sends in the Statutory Instrument for the record to the Services department of the Houses of the Oireachtas, but it appears they (instruments) are not listed in the Order of Business to be debated.