I have for the past 42 months fought a continuous battle to free my 97 year old mother Ann Clohessy who is held as a political prisoner in Cork University Hospital and St. Finbarrs Nursing Home by the instruction of Simon Harris & HSE, who are in league with the Wards of Court and Solicitors.

My mother is of sound mind, but held by order of the Court, to cover-up mal treatment by HSE with dangerous drugs.

#PatrickClohessy protesting outside Leinster House to raise awareness about elderly people being made wards of court without representation and being administered drugs fatal to the elderly as chemical restraints.Tuesday 3rd July '18Word Press

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My mother and several thousand other elderly persons are divested of legal rights by the self proclaimed Successor to the Lord Chancellor of Ireland, judge peter kelly of dublin 4.

He holds these elderly people illegaly, under supposed powers he received from the Crown of Great Britain. However i discovered after writing to Queen Elizabeth that he is a fake.

The Queen wrote back to me on 2nd August 2019 confirming that she would not interfere with the Sovereignty of the Irish People.

Queen's Letter Confirms Irish Sovereignty.#Letter from the #QUEEN confirms #SOVEREIGNTY OF THE CROWN does #NOT Extend to #IRELAND, and THE LUNACY REGULATION IRELAND ACT 1871.Also, PROOF that THE COURT OF JUSTICE ACT 1924 was #NeverCommenced, therefore the Present Irish Justice System is Unlawful.Supreme Court Judgement on the above matters will be sitting this Thursday the 17th October at 10a.m.TIME CHANGE on 17thFROM 10 AM TO 1 PMSupport would be appreciated.Ref. Charlie Flanagan TD @CharlieFlanagan #CharlieFlanagan Please #Subscribe toCorruption Awareness Ireland on YouTube or #Like and #Follow Us around on Facebook.

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The party whip system is one of totalitarian dictatorship. If you help to elect someone to office for a party which has a party whip system they can not represent you. They must vote the way they are told.

Since the foundation of the State, the party whip system has kept the people enslaved the people and made them servants to their political masters



Public Transparency
Public Accountability
Local Government Availability for all Services
Local Empowerment for Services Management
Locally Controlled Health Districts
Elimination of Dublin Towers Of Power
Lower Costs for Effective Access to Justice
Fundamental Rights Vindicated without Courts


Banking Fraud during the Celtic Tiger leading to Financial collapse in 2007-2009:

Initiate a complaint and investigation against those public officials responsible, and file at the EU fraud office, for misappropriation of EU funds borrowed under false pretences to create a Ponzi scheme Building boom.

Living In A Lawless Land

Living In A Lawless Land.#PatClohessy explains that #BenGilroy is correct, that those who are #Evicted are in fact #Victims of the #Government, who knew at all times between 2000 – 2008 that the Building Boom was, in fact, a Pyramid Ponzi Scheme.We are also Living In A #LawlessLand says Pat, as the #MotherDocument (Courts Of Justice Act 1924) which most of our Laws derive from, was #NeverCommenced by No. 1 official original statutory instrument.

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Street Sleeping:

Emergency low cost cabins provided in parks to prevent deaths from pneumonia and hypothermia.


Social homeownership; through local public authority rent to own, community based, built, from local labour thereby reducing unemployment, creating life skills that promote dignity, pride, and maintenance. Funding through local credit unions and sale of Municipal interest bearing bonds.


  1. Create no fault insured mortgages that protect families from Eviction in the event of a default on payment due to circumstances beyond their control. Family stays in the home, paying affordable rent until things stabilise. Part of rent applied to principal and part to interest. with mortgage term extended.
  2. Ease planning laws and overly difficult, expensive, unpractical restrictions.
  3. All mortgage and Interest to be tax deductible on a sliding scale.


Rent control: eliminate 20% tax and other levies on Landlords by joint contract with authorities. In return savings passed onto Tenant thereby reducing rent to be fixed for 5 years on a controlled basis.


Eliminate the HSE and its towers of Power in Dublin, that created 852,000 patients on waiting lists, by re-empowering local community, private, and public Hospitals with Managers having a Masters Degree in hospital Administration.

  1. All persons will have dedicated Health Insurance Account, that will be funded by a €40 per week contribution taken from general tax Revenue, and paid into a General Health Insurance fund. This will allow immediate access to emergency and surgical treatment within 3 days, that will be paid from the fund to the Hospital. Routine GP visits and treatment can also be paid from the fund. Patient right to choose Doctor and/or Surgeon , and form of treatment respected.
  2. Dept. of Health inspectors to have oversight on Hospitals to ensure meeting of standards.
  3. All doctors, consultants, to provide their own mal practice insurance.
  4. Incentive given for Irish Nurses and doctors to return home
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Family protection of our Children and the Elderly:

a.) eliminate Tusla and its towers of power. Establish Family Mediation and Dispute Resolution Centres geared for conflict resolution with mentoring established.

b.) Social workers to be vetted and trained by the Mediation Centres

c.) Stop child and parent alienation by means of injunctive Court orders, used to gag any parent who complains in public that their child was unlawfully taken away.

d.) Eliminate enrichment of the legal profession and foster families, at the expense of the impoverished, by abolishing the present unfair Court system.


Laws and making of new laws. All badly written and difficult Archaic British Legislation abolished. Present form of writing Irish legislation to be abolished. New easily understood form of writing legislation in plain easily understood English and Irish to be implemented. Registry of Deeds office to be closed, with only one system of registering property title to be in place.



Solicitors , Barristers, and Judges; Peoples Council to oversee professional misconduct to be set up, to investigate, reprimand , or sanction with Censorship, or possible Criminal penalties applied for perjury, deception, and stated misbehaviour.


Dispute Resolution office to be opened to file claims in regard to Civil disputes, with both parties filing discovery upfront. Cases not to progress to Courts unless dispute involves novel point. Allow lay advocates with suitable experience to sit an exam to get certification, thereby allowing them the right to speak in Court for those who can not afford a Solicitor, and do not qualify for Legal aid.


All power of the State derives from the People

(therefore the State is subject to the will of the people.)

The State is made up of three parts (tripartite) which are designed to keep checks and balances so that no arm of the State (government) can act beyond their powers. This is called the “Separation of Powers”.

Major Constitutional Crisis For The People of Ireland.Researched From The #NationalArchives, That Irelands #Courts, Are #Unlawful Since 1924. OUR ENTIRE COURT SYSTEM, FROM THE DISTRICT COURTS, CIRCUIT COURTS, HIGH COURT AND EVEN SUPREME COURT NEVER FORMALLY COMMENCED IN 1924 WHEN OUR COURTS OF JUSTICE ACT 1924 WAS WRITTEN IT WAS NEVER COMMENCED.No Original Order ONE was Not Made, It was only a Draft.6 min. #Slideshow and #Commentry by #PatClohessy, ( The Peoples Advocate is helping to Understand the Law )This weeks radio interview with Pat and #SeanMaguire (1:46:00 to 2:05:00)

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The legislative arm of government is made up of the Houses of the Oireachtas (Dáil and Seanad) and it’s sole purpose is to draft and implement laws.


The executive arm of government is made up of the Ministers and Departments and it’s purpose is to bring effect to the laws implemented by the legislative arm.


The judicial arm of government is made up of the Judiciary and it’s purpose is to see that the laws are interpreted correctly without external influence and administered fairly.